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What Weapons Bring War

Get ready for the next stage

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This is the offical livejournal for the band WHAT WEAPONS BRING WAR.

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In 2002 Both John Porter and Cody Zabit got together to form a band outside the rest of the music that was going on in the New England Area. They didnt want to be a carbon copy of any band that was from the area and wanted to do something a bit different. So after playing together for a couple month and playing with numerous singers and guitarist they met james naddeo, dave aiken and rob park. Shortly after they had a couple songs and deiced to play their first show. After that show Rob Park left the band. So the band went on to record their Ep in june-july of 2003. Shortly after James left the band and was replaced by Ricky Ahmed. Then Ross Mchugh(ex-In Dire Need) joined the band. After playing countless shows with bands such as Between the Burid and Me, The End, Exhumed, Death Threat, Since The Flood, Full Blown Chaos, and such fests as the Springfield Rock Fest(with Shadows Fall, Candira, Nora, And many others) and The New England Metal And Hardcore Festival 2004 (Arch Enemy, Children Of Bodom, Check out www.metalandhardcorefestival.com for more Info) both Dave and Cody Decided to quit. Cody was replaced by Jeremy Monette(ex-stimuli). In july of 2004 Ross Mchugh announced that he will be leaving the band as of aug 30th due to his family moving outta the area. In April of 2005 Jay Madore, Dave Emmerson and Bill Stefanski joined the band. Jay previously played a couple shows with us and decided to join fulltime. In January of 2006 Jeff LaBarge joined the band as our second guitarist.Dave deciced to leave the band in march of 2006. Scott oulette(ex cupping the leech & Mouth On Tailpipe)Joined as vocalist. In September of 2006 What Weapons Bring War recorded their full legnth album. In That same month Jeff left the band and was replaced by mike rabtoy(ex cupping the leech and mouth on tailpipe). In March of 2007 What Weapons Bring War decided to call it quits.